The 2013 Festival Pencak Silat Indonesia in the Netherlands

In an effort to further promote and popularize the Indonesian martial arts of pencak silat in the Netherlands, The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia at The Hague in collaboration with the Forum of Indonesian Pencak Silat (FPPSI) has organized the 2013 Festival Pencak Silat  Indonesia (FPSI) on 20 April 2013.
The Indonesian Ambassador to the Netehrlands, H.E.Mrs. Retno L.P.Marsudi officially opened the Festival.  The festival took place at Levi Lassenzaal, Museon Den Haag, where 126 Dutch junior and senior pesilat (fighters) from 12 pencak silat clubs (perguruan/paguron) were taking part on it. As many as 350 spectators whom packed the hall of Mueson were fascinated by the performance of  pesilat whom played  beautiful- yet artfully pencak silat attractions. During the festival, 5 junior silat group attractions as well as 12 senior silat group attractions were performed.
The martial arts of pencak silat is quite popular  among the Dutch. It started 50 years ago that pencak  silat began to develop in the Netherlands’ society. In the recent years, many young  Dutch nationals interested  to learn this martial art and joined with several pencak silat clubs in the Netherlands. Some of Dutch nationals yet even learned it in Indonesia. In the Netherlands, several types and styles of Indonesian pencak silat exist, among others are those of  Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Maluku, and Madura.

The Embassy of Indonesia, 20 April 2013


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  1. Salam Kenal untuk Pengurus Pencak Silat Indonesia, saya ingin bertanya mengenai komunitas WNI di Belanda, mungkin ada komunitas WNI lainnya selain Komunitas Pencak Silat.Mohon diinformasikan ya Pak/Ibu mengenai Komunitas WNI yang ada di Belanda. Terima Kasih.

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